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  M22 SWITCHES SERIES  (Made in Taiwan)


Pilot Lights Dimension M22 FP Pushbutton actuators
M22 XP Pushbutton actuators M22 DP Pushbutton actuators
M22 FP SB Pushbutton in base fixing M22 S-R Selector switch actuators
M22 S-T Selector switch actuators M22 K Key-operated actuators
M22 L-X Pilot Lights M22 L-F Pilot Lights
M22 FP Illuminated pushbuttons M22 XP Illuminated pushbuttons
M22 MP Mushroom buttons M22 LC Compact Pilot Lights
M22 LC Compact Pilot Lights M22 E-P , M22E-K , M22E-T Emergency-Stop actuators
M22-A3 Fixing adapter M22-A4 Fixing adapter
M22-SF-LED Switch block front fixing M22- Plus second layer switch block

M22MP- Mushroom buttons
M22MPL- Illuminated Mushroom buttons

M22-PF-LED- PCB terminals (LED Element)
M22-PF-NO&NC- PCB terminals (NO&NC)  
M22FPS Foot and palm switchs
Switch Box B1~B6

Type Mounting a b e Cable entries
B1 1 72 42.6 58.5 2xM16 3xM20 2xM25
B2 2 120 85.6 106.5 2xM20 3xM20 2xM25
B3 3 153 118.6 139.5 2xM25 2xM25 4xM20
B4 4 186 151.6 172.5 2xM20 2xM25 4xM20
B6 6 252 217.6 238.5 2xM20 2xM25 4xM20

M22-All Series
Label mounts
Label mounts
Mounting hole with lug slot Grid dimension to IEC/EN 60947

Guard ring cover for emergency-stop
Guard ring for emergency-stop