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  16 M6 SWITCHES SERIES  (Made in Taiwan)
Description :
Apparent shape
Round (18mm).
Square (18X18mm).
Rectangular Square (18X24mm).
Install and remove the contact block easily.
Gold-clad cross bar contact .
Solder/plug-in terminal (#110) and P.C board terminal type.
Light touch structure.
Use of High Performance Engineering Plastics.
protective grade
IP65 (IEC Pud 529)



Rated voltage

250 V AC/DC

Rated current


Operating Voltage

  30V 125V 250V

Operating current(Resistive)

AC * 3A 2A
DC 2A 0.4A *

*minimum applicable load (reference value) :
5V 1mA AC/DC


Lamp type

Rated voltage

Rated current

Illumination color

Incandescent lamp

6V 200mA *
14V 80mA *
28V 40mA *
LED lamp(DC) 6V 25mA RED(R) White(W)
12V 25mA Green(G) White(W)
24V 25mA Yellow(Y) Blue(B)
Neon lamp(AC) 110V 1.2mA RED(R)
220V 1.2mA Green(G)

Operating Temperature -25 ~ +55 (Without freezing)
Storage Temperature -30 ~ +80
Operating Humidity 45~85%RH
Contact Resistance 50m maximum(initial value)
Insulation Resistance 100M minimum(500V DC megger)
Dielectric strength Between live part and ground:2500VAC:1minuate
Between terminals of different poles:2500VAC:1minuate
Between terminals of the same poles:1000VAC:1minuate
Vibration Resistance Operating extremes:5~55Hz,Amplitude 1.0mmp-p
Damage limits:1000m/s2 (Approx:100G)
Operating extremes:1000m/s2 (Approx:10G)
Mechanical Life(min) Momentary:2,000,000
Selector switch:250,000

Electrical Life(min)
(0.5A, 110VAC)MAX

Momentary:100,000(1800 operations/hour)
Alternate:100,000(1200 operations/hour)
Selector switch:100,000
protection Degree IP65(IEC Pud 529)

Type M6L-Pilot Light M6P-Illuminated push buttons /
Push buttons
M6S-Illuminated selector /
Selector switches
M6K-Key selector switches
Contact * 1C 1C 1C
* 2C 2C 2C
Function Incandescent illumination
LED illumination
Neon illumination
Incandescent illumination
LED illumination
Neon illumination
non-illumination color
R. Y. G. O. W. B.
2 position
3 position
Incandescent illumination
LED illumination
Neon illumination
2 position
3 position
Illumination color
Incandescent illumination : Red(R) Green(G) Yellow(Y) Orange(O) White(W) Blue(B)
LED illumination : Red(R) Green(G) Yellow(Y) Orange(O) White(W) Blue(B)
Neon illumination : Red(R) Green(G)        

  Removing the contact block : turning the locking lever to the left.

  Replacement of lens and marking plate : with the lens removal tool.

  Switch unit.