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1.      Regular or sealed operating heads.

2.      Momentary contacts.

3.      Completely sealed constructure.

4.      Wide choice of heads and actuators.

5.      Plastic(standard) or phenolic housing.

6.      Regular or light operating force.

7.      Temperature range +5 to +175℉(-15℃ to +80℃).

8.      Soldering Terminal or Fast Terminal.

◆    RATING:

125 or 250V AC

125V AC

250V AC

125V DC

250V DC


0.01mm to 1m/sec

Mechanically:240 operations/min.

Electrically:20 operations/min.

15m Ω max.(initial)

100M Ω min.(at 500VDC)

1000 VAC,50/60 Hz for 1 minute between non-continuous terminals

2000VAC, 50/60 Hz for 1 minute between current-carry part and ground

Malfunction durability: 10 to 55Hz 1.5mm double amplitude

Mechanical durability:Approx.1000m/sec2(approx. 100G’s)

Mechanical durability:Approx. 300m/sec2(approx. 30 G’s)

General purpose type: -25° to + 80℃

Sealed type: -15 to 80℃

General purpose type: 85% RH max

Sealed type: 95% RH

Mechanically: 20000000 operations min

Electrically:(1.7A,110VAC) MAX 500,000 operations min.


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